Police raided a Leesburg, Va. home early Friday morning in what is being called a "MS-13 gang take down."

ABC7 New's Jennifer Donelan learned that the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, Leesburg City Police, FBI, and ATF were working together. Several people were taken into custody for questioning, according to officials.

Neighbors tell us they awoke around 5 a.m. to shouts and flashing lights.

One woman tells us she heard a big loud bang, thinking it was a gun.

The investigation centered around a house at Cherry Lane and Apple Tree Drive, NE.

Officials say they had been eyeing the home for months.

Residents in the neighborhood were told to 'shelter in place' early Friday morning, but that has since been lifted.

Police say there is no imminent danger to the public.

Another neighbor tells us when he looked outside of his home Friday morning, he saw the house was completely surrounded by police in uniforms.

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