It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Virginia Gang Investigators Association or VGIA. The VGIA was established in 1997 by a group of law enforcement professionals who recognized the importance of having a gang based information sharing network narrowly but intensely focused on responding to the proliferation of street gangs in Virginia. Like other states along the East Coast, a phenomenon also exists in Virginia where well-established criminal street gangs hailing from the West Coast, Mid West, and South West have recently and increasingly joined the population of our existing gangs, bringing the potential of further criminal networking to a new and more threatening level. VGIA will remain committed to bridging the lines of communication between all aspects of law enforcement and providing the most current and reliable information to our membership. In recognizing that any association is only as strong as its membership, VGIA pledges to put its membership first as well, with each and every member held at the highest regard. It is a strong belief of this association that we collectively have an equal voice as we unite in this endeavor to combat against the advancement of street gangs in our communities and the state of Virginia.
Randy Crank
President, VGIA


In response to the ever increasing gang problem plaguing our nation and state, concerned criminal justice professionals from Virginia began what is today the Virginia Gang Investigators Association.
Chartered February 1997, The V.G.I.A. is a non -profit organization made up of law enforcement officers and other members of the criminal justice community. The V.G.I.A. promotes a closely coordinated relationship among gang investigators through extensive and rapid dissemination and exchange of information about gang-related, cult and extremist group activity. The V.G.I.A. supports new techniques from identification and apprehension of gang members and encourages legislation related to the reduction of gang related crimes. Additionally; the V.G.I.A solicits public support of its goals so the citizens might be educated about the prevention regarding organized criminal activities, tactics, philosophies, etc., to its members and any other law enforcement agency upon request.


The VGIA offers training conferences, seminars and certifications from the basic understanding of street gangs for the new gang officer to advanced street gang intelligence and identification. Our training is only for Law Enforcement Officials,  Probation Officers, Parole Officers, Corrections Officers, and Criminal Justice Professionals.

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2019 Gang Conference

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Dates:   October 15-18, 2019

Hotel:  Wyndham Virginia Beach

Topics: MS-13, OMG, Human Trafficking, Midwest Gangs, Hate Groups, Art of Perception and more.

Registration Fee:

Members: $325

Non Member: $ 350

Full Breakfast Buffet each morning included

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Gang Conference Overflow Hotel

Holiday Inn & Suites  North Va Beach

3900 Atlantic Avenue

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451


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Link: https://www.holidayinn.com/redirect?path=hd&brandCode=HI&localeCode=en&regionCode=1&hotelCode=orfob&_PMID=99801505&GPC=gan&cn=no&viewfullsite=true


2019 Vendor Registration

VGIA Welcomes Vendors

October 15-18, 2019

21st Annual Gang Conference

Virginia Beach, Virginia

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The VGIA Members Only section is open to sworn law enforcement officials including police, probation/parole, corrections and prosecutors.
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Gang Specialist Certification Course

Virginia Beach, VA

October 14, 2019

Wyndham Virginia Beach

Registration Fee:

Member: $100

Non Member: 130

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Understanding Gang Graffiti & Tattoos

This course is designed for members of Law Enforcement that are involved in policing within the communities or correctional facilities, and anyone that is involved in gang investigations. 

Many members of Law Enforcement agencies may spend an entire career not being able to read, interpret or identify a gang or gang member based upon simple observations. This course is for those that understand the importance of being able to understand gang graffiti and tattoos. 

Emphasis will be on providing the attendee with the ability to interpret gang graffiti, regardless of where it is located. Attendees will be challenged throughout the course to develop a very through understanding of why gangs use graffiti, with numerous examples paired with case specific instructions


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